One of the cornerstones for enjoying an ideal state of health is based on hygiene and caring for your teeth. To this end, you need to prevent, identify and deal with any kind of problem or disorder related to your oral health.

Dental Aesthetics

Aesthetic treatment will help you to improve any aspect of your anatomy. The purpose of dental aesthetics is to create a healthy, beautiful and, at the same time, natural smile. It can serve as the perfect complement to your orthodontic process or simply be performed as an aesthetic improvement. We use materials such as veneers and hyaluronic acid; we conduct personalised studies and diagnoses, all of which are supervised by our team of specialists, who plan each case exhaustively, listening to your needs and advising you on how to obtain the perfect smile.


We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. These disorders affect the tissues supporting the teeth (gums, periodontal ligaments, root cement and alveolar bones). We study and treat the different phases of the periodontal process, which can range from gingivitis to chronic periodontal disease, and which could result in the loss of teeth.

When undertaking this type of treatment, it is essential to conduct a periodontal study beforehand, for which we use the most innovative techniques such as Florida Probe. This digital system, used in periodontal analyses, enables us to carry out more efficient measurements of the patient´s depth of the pocket depth, recession, bleeding, mobility and gum plaque, in addition to allowing us to follow-up and monitor the progress of the treatment more effectively.

Surgery & Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best option both in the short, medium and long term to replace teeth that may have been lost or have deteriorated due to some kind of pathology or disease. This treatment entails many advantages; among which, they help us to view ourselves in a more aesthetically-pleasing manner, they make chewing easier, they adhere to the bone and do not affect any other teeth, they help maintain facial features and improve our oral health in general.

We use the most innovative techniques, in addition to working with the leading manufacturers in the market, the result of which is highly satisfactory treatment. Furthermore, the hygiene and care of these implants is carried out as if they were just another tooth, making it highly likely that we will have them for the rest of our lives.

Prostheses are extremely useful; they help us to replace missing teeth and bone structures that may have been lost due to their absence. This type of treatment enables us to regain our chewing and swallowing ability and enhances our phonetic capabilities and oral aesthetics.

Each patient has different needs, therefore, reason for which the prostheses produced at our clinic are made in a personalised manner in accordance with the thorough guidelines of our specialists. The use of a prosthesis requires a process of adaptation, as it places pressure on the gums and the jaw bone. The dentist will make the necessary adjustments in this adaptation period, whereby the patient will soon become used to the device and no longer notice he/she is using one.

Good daily oral hygiene is of the utmost importance, as this ensures our teeth, gums, tongue and mouth in general remain healthy and strong. Moreover, such habits will ensure these elements function correctly, in addition to preventing any future diseases and disorders.

Our prevention plan begins by informing, educating and raising the awareness of patients and their families of the essential role the mouth plays in our general state of health. We recommend both children and adults undergo an oral check-up at least once every six months. Regular exams can both prevent and control potential complications involving your mouth. Ignoring these check-up appointments can give rise to major problems that could have been avoided by visiting the dentist on a more regular basis.

Effective orthodontic treatment is often accompanied by speech therapy treatment. The reason for this is that many dental disorders are caused by the continuous inappropriate resting of the tongue on the teeth and lips, which ends up causing oral deformities and displaced teeth. This is why speech therapists play an essential role in the prevention and improvement of speech, language and voice disorders, reestablishing habits of swallowing, breathing, pronunciation and the position of the tongue using advanced speech therapy techniques. These tasks help us to achieve far more effective results in the treatment of children, and ensure our little patients feel much more comfortable and at ease during their sessions at the clinic.

We always strive to use the best and most advanced technological equipment, thereby ensuring we meet our commitment to provide you with the best dental treatment and the highest standards of quality and comfort. We possess state-of-the-art radio-diagnosis equipment, which enables us to offer you the optimum level of diagnostics. X-rays provide us with extremely valuable information, both on the hard tissues supporting the teeth and on their adjoining structures. This enables us to prevent a wide range of pathologies, to deal with them in a timely manner and to consolidate all our different kinds of treatment.