Our clinic´s specialty par excellence! We have a huge number of success stories and boast the vast experience and professionalism of our specialists. We help create healthy, beautiful smiles, advising you on the treatment best suited to your needs.


The most innovative and modern treatment, a comfortable and hygienic way of carrying out your orthodontics. The process consists of a designing a personalised smile based on a system of transparent aligners that can be removed when eating and ensure proper oral hygiene. Our team of specialists undergoes constant training and learning in this technique and, moreover, the quality and professionalism of our service is attested to by the large number of successful cases endorsed by our patients.

We work with the top major providers of aligners in the market.


The most conventional and best-known system, a benchmark in the world of orthodontics due to the numerous success stories over the years. This system uses self-ligating brackets designed to reduce nay discomfort, improve oral hygiene and prevent the need to extract teeth. Our orthodontists use the Damon system, a type of low-friction orthodontic procedure that, due to being ligature-free, allows the teeth to move freely towards the correct position. This reduces treatment times and is performed in a more comfortable and painless manner for the patient.

Orthodontics for children

This special form of treatment is geared to children, and involves us designing functional devices that serve to deal with bone problems. We perform preventive treatment, thereby avoiding possible surgery and tooth extractions, and in some cases this consists of less complex subsequent orthodontic treatment, with an enhanced prognosis and optimum results. In addition, children are active participants in the process, customising their own devices in a highly creative and fun manner.