Pediatric Dentistry

Education and prevention in oral health from childhood is one our clinic´s basic guidelines. From an early age it is far easier to educate, prevent and diagnose the pathologies and disorders children might develop and to deal with them in a timely manner.

We educate.

We help and teach both parents and children in family oral hygiene processes. We train them and advise them on the best procedures to enable them to establish patterns of hygiene and behaviour designed to help keep their children’s teeth healthy.

Taking care of children’s smiles is an exciting challenge and our team is fully dedicated to the task, teaching them to take care of their teeth in a playful and fun manner.

Orthodontics for children

This special form of treatment is geared to children, and involves us designing functional devices that serve to deal with bone problems. We perform preventive treatment, thereby avoiding possible surgery and tooth extractions, and in some cases this consists of less complex subsequent orthodontic treatment, with an enhanced prognosis and optimum results. In addition, children are active participants in the process, customising their own devices in a highly creative and fun manner.

Speech therapy

Effective orthodontic treatment is often accompanied by speech therapy treatment. The reason for this is that many dental disorders are caused by the continuous inappropriate resting of the tongue on the teeth and lips, which ends up causing oral deformities and displaced teeth. This is why speech therapists play an essential role in the prevention and improvement of speech, language and voice disorders, reestablishing habits of swallowing, breathing, pronunciation and the position of the tongue using advanced speech therapy techniques. These tasks help us to achieve far more effective results in the treatment of children, and ensure our little patients feel much more comfortable and at ease during their sessions at the clinic.


(Canary Islands Child Care Programme)

This is a children’s dental care programme within the framework of the Canary Islands Health Service Primary Oral Health Care Programme, of which we are a partner. This initiative is aimed at children of between 6 and 14 years of age, who might benefit from free treatment geared to improving their oral health. The programme involves the execution of preventive health care and education activities, thereby increasing the portfolio of services and providing families with greater access to specialist dental treatment.

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